Saturday, June 5, 2010

Photo Infos iPhone App - FAQ

This page will hopefully help you with some of your question to the iPhone app "Photo - Infos". I will update this page with your comment, questions, answers and tips.

How much is the Photo - Infos iphone app?
It is free! But if you think that the app is so awesome informative that you have to donate some money, then you can do this here:

Problems with iOS 8?
If you have problems starting the app after updating to iOS 8,x, just delete the app and reinstall it. This should fix the problem.

Where can I download the Photo - Infos iphone app?
Here is the link to the iTunes Store page for the Photo - Infos iphone app:

How can I add my images to the Flickr Group tab?
You can add some stock images to the Flickr Group tab/album by joining the Flickr group "Stock Photography - Photo Infos" at The newest 42 images in the group will be displayed in the iphone app. Please add images in a smaller format (with a width of ~640px) so that the images load faster. Also give your image a title and write your copy right name and flickr screen name in the description.

Does the Photo - Infos app works on an iPad?
Yes it does!

Some crashes - Help?
It is helps to prevent crashes if you wait for the sync process to finish before switching to a new tab. And the album hangs up sometimes, because large images were submitted to the Flickr group or the server respond from on of the images Flickr servers is slow.
The app runs more stable on the iPad. I hope that the tool that I used to create the app will be updated in the future and that will hopefully make the app more stable.

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