Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Genius Premieres New “Touch” Products, IP Cam, and Wireless Speakers at CES 2009

2009 International CES - LAS VEGAS -- Genius, a division of KYE Systems Corp., announced today that it will be showing the company’s latest fun and innovative family of products at the upcoming CES 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. Highlights include the Touch Photo Frames, DPF-T805 and DPF-T1000, and the Touch Speaker Systems, SP-T1200 2.0 and SP-T1800 2.1, all of which feature Genius’ touch technology.

DPF-T805 and DPF-T1000 Touch Digital Photo Frames

The DPF-T805 and DPF-T1000 Touch Digital Photo Frames allows users to create a moving photo album. What makes ours special is the touch keypad design, allowing users to upload and play their photos with ease. With a single press of a finger, users can browse through their photos. The DPF series also feature a multi-picture slide show and playback of up to four pictures on one screen in different slide show speeds. The automatic schedule (on/off) allows users to program a time of day/night for the frame to turn on and off. The multifunctional frames let users play JPEG/BMP photos, MP3 music and AVI (Motion-JPEG) video, and each has USB 2.0 high-speed USB storage for convenient file/image transfers. Both Touch Digital Photo Frames can store up to 700 pictures using the “Auto Photo Resizing technology” via its copy function. The DPF-T805 Touch Digital Photo Frame has an 8.4” frame, 4:3 panel ratio, and 800x600 pixel screen. The DPF-T1000 Touch Digital Frame has a 10.2” frame, 4:3 panel ratio, 800x600 pixel screen.

SP-T1200 2.0 Touch Speaker System

Combing fun with great sound is the new SP-T1200 2.0 speaker system that has a unique “touch panel screen” to control the volume, bass or treble all with the gentle slide of your finger. The slide bar illuminates when adjustments are made, creating a visually high-tech look and feel. The compact size, mixed with 30-watt sound, make these speakers the perfect companion for laptops and notebooks.

SW-T2.1 1800 Touch Speaker System

The SW-T2.1 1800 Touch Speaker System includes a sleek three piece speaker system with innovative DRD 3D sound effects for greater acoustic range and powerful base. The speaker system has a touch panel screen to control function, volume, bass or treble all with the touch of a finger. The SW2.1 1800 2.1 Touch Speaker System has an equalizer so users can choose between flat, rock, pop, classical, or jazz music. Users that prefer to listen to their music via headphones can plug into the line-in jack or headphone jack. The three piece speaker system includes a 6” subwoofer to help boost the speaker’s ability to play music without distortion.

NEW CONCEPT PRODUCT: 2.4 GHz Wireless Stereo Speaker System

The 2.4 GHz Wireless Stereo Speaker System comes with a three piece speaker system. With a wireless range of up to 100 feet, the speakers system has a convenient 3.5mm socket on audio transmitter for connecting with all audio devices, such as TV’s, DVD players, and all MP3 players.


The latest IP camera, IP Cam 350TR, is designed with the most advanced night vision technology to secure any home or office efficiently. The light sensor automatically turns on six infrared LEDs when the camera is in a dark environment, making the user feel as though they have a twenty-four hour body guard. The pan and tilt feature pans 135 degrees and tilts 350 degrees, making this camera the one that catches everything in sight.

Source: BusinessWire

theFlip MINO

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Most Popular Tech Items of 2008

Check out what technology items struck a cord with people in 2008.

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Mudbug Software releases Webify 1.1 for Mac OS X Leopard

Elm Grove, LA Dec 29, 2008 in Multimedia - Shreveport, Louisiana - Mudbug Software is delighted to announce Webify 1.1, an update to their popular image editing utility for Mac OS X Leopard. Serving as a easy-to-use image browser, Webify was specifically developed as a productivity tool to help prepare images for the web. Quickly and easily resize, scale, rotate and flip many images at once and save them in JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, PDF, PSD, or TIFF format.

By leveraging the power of Core Image filters built into Leopard, users may alter the Exposure, Gamma, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Rotation, Reflection, Spotlight, Distortion and Sepia of images in batch or one at a time. One of Webify's most prolific features is its ability to flip images on the XYZ axis, allowing for many creative uses.

Webify offers many new user requested features and improvements by introducing a new Reflection effect. Version 1.1 now properly handles the Rotation effect on rectangular shaped images, as well as retains meta data in saved images. Those customers who have already downloaded Webify will want to run "Check for Updates" in the file menu to make sure that they have the latest version.

Features at a glance:
* Easy Drag and Drop interface
* Serves as a Image Browser
* Reflection effect
* Resize, scale, rotate and flip (XYZ axis) images one at a time or in batch
* Saves to all popular image formats JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, PDF, PSD, and TIFF

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5.2 Leopard
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* 2.3 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
Webify 1.1 is available for only $16.00 (USD). A single user license covers personal use on a one computer. Version 1.1 is a free and recommended update for all customers. The only limitation being a transparent watermark over saved images. Once Webify has been registered then the watermark will be removed.

Webify 1.1
Download Webify

Source: prMac

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tech Bytes 12/29/08

Syracuse, NY - Top Stories of the day - Tech Bytes 12/29/08

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Image of the Day: Lantana

Image by Henrik Lehnerer
Title: Lantana
You may buy this image under license at Cutcaster.

Macro shot of pink and yellow Lantana blossoms.

lantana, plant, flower, yellow, green, beautiful, leaves, macro, close, closeup, horticulture, garden, up, nature, verbenaceae, jade, noxious, invasive, leaf, poisonous, weed, detail, orange, stunning, rosettes, perennial, poison, ornamental, petal, allergy, flowers, fragrant, botanical, red, deciduous, exotic, foliage, botany, cluster, color, blooming, gardening

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Deal: Photo Impact Pro 11

Photo Impact Pro 11 (reg. $45.00 - FREE AFTER REBATE!)

Get the most out of your digital camera with PhotoImpact® Pro 11, quite possibly the only software you will ever need for digital photography, image editing, professional design, even web graphics. Acquire, organize, correct and enhance your digital images - easily and professionally.

At free after Rebate! + Ships Free! Offer expires 12/31/08

Rebates: Form 1, Form 2

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Statistic For Your Microstock Portfolio: LookStat

LookStat is an online service that makes it easy for you to track your online sales at multiple micostock agencies sites, by image and automatically. The system obtains your transaction history, matches images across sites and then continuously updates your sales data. In the beta release LookStat is focused on sales tracking, but they will rapidly add support for other features. Ultimately, their goal is to help contributors monitor their online portfolios and help them identify areas of opportunity for increasing their earnings. LookStat believe that analytics are a critical part of microstock and that with better information, everybody wins.

Currently, LookStat support Dreamstime, iStock & Shutterstock and are working on adding support for Fotolia. In addition to integrating more sites, they will be adding trending and more earnings tracking data to enable contributors to see how they are performing and to identify what is working and what is not. Also, they plan to release per image sales statistics in the near future.

At the moment, the LookStat service is free of charge to all users however they do intend to charge a subscription for the service in the near future. While LookStat is still working out the details, the service will remain affordable and will always be free of charge to users earning less than $50/month from microstock.

Note: I am signed up and trying it out. The first impression is very good! I will write about them again and let you know of my adventure with them.

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One million Euros


According to the TGI (district court) of Paris, the American picture agency Getty Images has been condemned to pay one million Euros damages to an independent photographer for having commercialised a number of his pictures without his authorisation.

A major share holder of AEF, Alain Ernoult, mandated the company to commercialise his photographs through a contract covering the years 1993 to 1999. In January 1995, he sold all of his AEF shares to The Image Bank France, since then taken over by Getty Images.

Dissatisfied with the management of his rights, Ernoult sued AEF in March 2001.

On 4 June 2002, the District Court of Paris found him right, considering that the company "had failed to its obligations" and "was at fault by continuing exploiting the given photographs although the contract had expired". The Court appointed an expert in order to calculate the photographers damages. In a decision on 21st November 2008, the Third Civil Chamber estimated an amount of approximately one million Euros.

In particular, the Court calculated an amount of € 457.000 Euros payable to Ernoult by Getty Images because some of his photographs had been used in advertising against contractual agreement - Toshiba, Peugeot and Air France advertising.

Source : FNAPPI and CEPIC

Free Shipping at

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Image of the Day: Scarlet Macaws

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

Title: Scarlet Macaws
You may buy this image under license at Cutcaster.

The Scarlet Macaws is a large colorful parrot.

red, bird, parrot, macaw, scarlet, beak, tropical, nature, animal, eye, wild, head, wildlife, profile, feathers, amazon, natural, looking, animals, fly, wings, zoo, america, feather, south, colourful, closeup, colored, headshot, rainforest, species, colourfull, ara, closeup, subtropical, Valentines, Valentine

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Tech Bytes 12/26/08

Syracuse, NY - Top Stories of the day - Tech Bytes 12/26/08

  • Videos on Wii
  • Best of '08: Smartphones
  • Internet Surpasses Newspapers

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Book: Digital Photographic Workflow Handbook

Digital Photographic Workflow Handbook: A Guide to Staying Ahead of the Workflow Curve
Author: Patti Russotti

Editorial Reviews:

Book Description
The only soup-to-nuts guide of this absolutely necessary topic for photographers

Product Description
The current existing workflow content out there deals only in RAW or DAM (Digital Asset Management) and can be extremely difficult and daunting to read. The Digital Photographic Workflow Handbook is a coherent, concise guide to all of the aspects of workflow that digital photographers and digital imagers need from shooting to archiving and everything in between -- written in a way that an artist/photographer can understand. It also has resources and links to stay current and up to speed with the rapid changes in technology, a Website that you can return to for the latest advances in workflow, and a glossary to use as you develop Standard Operating Procedures to synthesize your workflow and communication processes.

This book will give you all of the workflow steps you will need -- from shooting to archiving and everything in between -- and is written in a way that a way that you can understand. This handbook is software version independent and focuses more on the key fundamentals that are a constant from software version to software version.

  • An easy-to-read guide to the principles and concepts of workflow -- to give you the fundamentals that will help you throughout your career
  • Loaded with full color photographs and diagrams to give you a visual of the lessons
  • An accompanying Website to make sure you always have the latest updates
  • An informative monthly podcast to give you insight from industry luminaries and educators

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Tech Bytes 12/24/08

Syracuse, NY - Top Stories of the day - Tech Bytes 12/24/08

  • laptop sales - choice of computer for buyers
  • Chinese electric cars
  • airport karaoke

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In The Spirit Of Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas! May God bless you and yours abundantly this Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Image of the day: Dandelion Seed Head

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

Title: Dandelion Seed Head
You may buy this image under license at Cutcaster.

Dandelion full seed head with blurred natural background.

abstract, allergy, blowball, botany, closeup, dandelion, delicate, design, flora, flower, fluffy, fragile, fragility, garden flower, dandelion head, macro, nature, offspring, plant, seed, softness, weed, seeds, blossom, pistil, tranquil, dandelions, blooming, pollination, fluffy

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Tech Bytes 12/22/08

Syracuse, NY - Top Stories of the day - Tech Bytes 12/22/08

  • iPhone Breathalyzer (iBreath)
  • Senior Games
  • Death of the Clamshell
  • High Tech Pet Gifts

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Monday, December 22, 2008


New York, NY (December 19, 2008) - Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM) today announced the launch of (, a new content and community site that provides articles, tutorials, and hands-on information related to using, customizing, and extending Microsoft's SharePoint technologies including Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS).

SharePoint is an all-in-one source for collaboration within the enterprise that has resulted in Microsoft selling over 100 million licenses within a business area that is expected to reach one billion dollars this year.

"While SharePoint has numerous out of the box features, the true power comes in leveraging it as a development platform", states Robert Bogue, President of Thor Projects and Microsoft MVP for SharePoint. "The market has not begun to scratch the surface of what SharePoint can do," added Bogue.

" will focus on presenting information from industry leaders including authors who have been awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) in the area of SharePoint," stated Bradley Jones, Senior Executive Editor of Jupitermedia's "The detailed insights of these professionals will be used to help readers customize solutions that will take their SharePoint systems to the next level," he added.

Source: Jupitermedia

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Image of the Day: Festung Marienberg

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

Title: Festung Marienberg
You may buy this image under license at Cutcaster.

Festung Marienberg on a hill over the city Würzburg.

architecture, attraction, building, castle, city, classic, classical, europe, european, famous, festung, fortification, fortress, germany, high, historical, landmark, massive, medieval, old, outdoors, outside, sightseeing, sky, structure, touristic, tower, traditional, view, roof, wall, window, wuerzburg, mountain, monument, forest, franconia, house, marienberg, Würzburg

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Hi-Tech Table For Two, Please

"Only On The Web": A trendy new London restaurant ( inamo ) is defying the economic odds - and critics - with a technology theme to keep you busy, and fancy food to match. Amy Guttman reports.

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Reflex Stock to represent Lonely Planet Images

Reflex Stock, a leading independent supplier of royalty free and rights managed stock photography, has launched a new collection of rights managed images focused on world travel.

Reflex Stock has teamed up with Lonely Planet Images to represent one of the worlds’ most complete travel-related image collections. The collection offers over a quarter of a million destination related images from every corner of the globe; covering everything from the exotic to the everyday, reflecting the diversity, colour and texture of the world and its people as seen through the eyes of Lonely Planet photographers.

“Our specialty is travel but within that focus are images you don’t expect, new ways to see familiar things and shots that would be impossible to recreate” said Claire Gibson, Business Development Manager at Lonely Planet.

Dwyer O’Neill, Chief Executive, Reflex Stock said: “there is an insatiable desire for high quality travel photography throughout our customer base and we believe that this amazing collection will complement and enhance the excellent collection of travel images already available on

Reflex Stock is one of the world’s leading independent suppliers of premium royalty free and rights managed stock photography and footage. It provides its customers with access to a unique collection of over twelve million quality images in many countries.

As well as consulting on all aspects of image rights and licensing, Reflex Stock offers customers an experienced and professional picture researching service that is able to deliver images tailored to your brief and your budget.

Reflex Stock has offices in the UK, Ireland and the United States (New York City).

For further information visit the award winning website

Source: WebWire

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Contour by Getty Images is Exclusive Agent of President-Elect Obama College Photo Collection by Lisa Jack

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Contour by Getty Images today announced it is the exclusive distribution agency representing the photo collection of President-elect Barack Obama during his freshman year at Occidental College, taken by fellow student Lisa Jack. These photos first appeared in TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year” issue, on newsstands now through the end of the year, and on The entire collection, which features 36 candid and intimate portraits of a 20-year-old Obama, are now available for syndicated licensing through Contour by Getty Images.

“These unique images are an important part of American history and we’re honored to be the exclusive provider representing this collection,” said Aidan Sullivan, vice president of photo assignments, Getty Images. “These charming images of President-elect Obama provide a more personal view of a young man who has since become a powerful international figure.”

The addition of this unique collection to Contour by Getty Images further enhances the brand’s trademark offering of a diverse range of distinctive high-end portraiture. The collection can be viewed at To learn how to license this content, please email

Source: Business Wire

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How To Take a Man's Portrait

Men tend to be a little easier to take a portrait of than women, but they need their own brand of reassurance.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stock photography company specializing in ethnic and minority pictures launches new website

The new website of PhotoEdit Inc., an established stock photography agency located in southern California, is now live. The new design offers additional content, high-res downloads, and much more.

United States of America December 16, 2008 -- With the currently tumultuous economic landscape affecting nearly every aspect of the stock photography world --- and indeed, forcing some companies into total bankruptcy --- there are still a few independent businesses staying afloat, and even implementing improvements during the worldwide monetary crisis.

PhotoEdit Inc. is one such company. Recently it unveiled a brand new website, coded from scratch, which promises vast improvements over the old model. Understanding customers' needs in regard to web design and functionality assured that PhotoEdit could make a site perfectly suited to the modern stock photography customer.

The new site offers entirely new content, such as photographer interviews, archived newsletters, and featured photo galleries
, plus additional functionality in terms of navigation, search options, and aesthetic design. Fly-out previews of each photo on search pages save customers from having to reach a new page to see a larger version; a quick links area assists with PhotoEdit's most popular searches; and the main navigation area offers dozens of possible combinations of ages and activities to browse through. Additionally, photos can now be downloaded in their full, high-resolution format directly from the site itself.

Other improvements are forthcoming, including a company blog that will allow several PhotoEdit employees to write about trends in stock photography and photos in general. A free image of the month will also be included; visitors to the site will have the opportunity to download a high-resolution photo that showcases what PhotoEdit is all about.

A leader in ethnic, minority, and educational imagery since the 1980's, PhotoEdit continually strives to offer the best photos to its clients while portraying people from all walks of life in a positive light. You can find PhotoEdit's images in almost any textbook, and they are ideal for use in almost any educational context.

photos , pictures , stock photos , ethnic pictures , education pictures , classroom pictures , photography

Source: free press release

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DALSA Presents New 48 Megapixel Image Sensor at IEDM Conference

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 17, 2008) - DALSA Corporation (TSX:DSA), an international leader in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors, was pleased to present its new 48 megapixel standard product image sensor for professional photography in a presentation at the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) in San Francisco this week. IEDM, organized by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), is the world's premier forum for the presentation of advances in microelectronic and nanoelectronic devices.

Eric-Jan Manoury, a scientist at DALSA's Eindhoven R&D lab, gave the presentation titled "A 36x48mm2 48M-pixel CCD imager for professional DSC applications," highlighting not only the device's high resolution, but the advances it delivers in increased quantum efficiency, lower noise, and higher dynamic range compared to previous generation or competitor devices.

"This scientific presentation at the IEEE IEDM international conference demonstrates once again the world leadership which DALSA continues to provide in the field of large format image sensors for professional digital still camera applications," stated Dr. Savvas Chamberlain, CTO and Chairman of DALSA. "This is the first large image format imager with such high pixel rate (100 MHz) and with 74 dB dynamic range and 55000 electron signal capacity."

Built on DALSA's' new 6 micron pixel platform, the new device is available as a standard product. With the new performance benchmarks it establishes, including superior speed, dynamic range, and angular response, it is already generating demand from customers in one of the world's most demanding imaging applications: medium format professional digital photography.

DALSA's image sensors led the way in professional photography's shift to digital ten years ago, and this new device delivers even more of the performance professional photographers demand: higher throughput, exceptionally low noise, unmatched dynamic range, and better color.

To view the technical paper from the presentation, visit our website:

Source: Marketwire

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


GOLDEN, CO (December 16, 2008)…PENTAX Imaging Company has announced a limited edition, white PENTAX K2000 DSLR system with a double zoom kit. This new model replicates the original K2000 design that launched in September 2008 for consumers who are ready to make the transition from a point-and-shoot digital camera to digital SLR photography. The new camera body and both lenses* feature a brilliant white color with black trim.

The white PENTAX K2000 is an entry-level system consisting of the new PENTAX K2000 body, a white smc PENTAX DA L 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL lens, and a white smc PENTAX DA L 50-200mm F4-5.6 AL lens. Bundled as a complete kit for the convenience of the customer, the PENTAX K2000 system offers uncomplicated operation for new digital SLR users and family photographers seeking high-quality digital SLR photography for the first time. Combining PENTAX-developed, easy-to-use Auto Picture modes as well as powerful learning functions all housed in one of the smallest, lightest camera bodies in its class, the PENTAX K2000 system is ideal for digital SLR beginners. Additional features on the newest digital K2000 SLR body include a 10.2 megapixel CCD, a 2.7 inch, 230,000 dot high resolution, wide-view LCD panel, and an ultra compact design that facilitates one handed operation. The body also features the same PENTAX-developed Shake Reduction technology found on more advanced K series digital SLRs. PENTAX Shake Reduction is compatible with more than 25 million PENTAX lenses to deliver sharp images even when handheld at slower shutter speeds. The K2000 also features the powerful PENTAX-developed Auto Picture Mode, which selects from Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Action, and Night Portrait modes to tailor the camera settings for any photographic situation. The camera also has a comprehensive Dust Removal system to help keep images spotless. A dedicated programmable help button clearly explains current camera settings to guide and teach the user about digital SLR photography.

The lenses included with this PENTAX K2000 system are the white versions of a newer series introduced with the DA L designation. This DA L series offers the same optical performance and compatibility as the current smc PENTAX DA 18-55mm II and smc PENTAX DA 50-200mm lenses. This stylish, limited edition white PENTAX K2000 kit will be available on a very limited basis in February 2009 at a price to be announced.

More information is available here: and product images are available here: PENTAX Imaging Company is an innovative leader in the production of digital SLR and compact cameras, lenses, flash units, binoculars, scopes, and eyepieces. For almost 90 years, PENTAX technology has developed durable, reliable products that meet the needs of consumers and businesses. With headquarters in Golden, Colorado, PENTAX Imaging Company is a division of Hoya Corporation.

Source: Pentax

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Secaucus, NJ (December 15, 2008) – The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G1, the world’s first Micro Four Thirds digital camera, has been named the 2008 Camera of the Year by Popular Photography & Imaging (Pop Photo), the world’s largest imaging magazine. According to the editors of Pop Photo, each year they choose a camera that has best refined or redefined photography, and this year they recognized the LUMIX G1 as a forward-thinking product and the forefront of the next “big thing” for the industry. Pop Photo’s Camera of the Year report on the LUMIX G1 appears in the January 2009 issue of the magazine and on

The LUMIX G1 is based on the Micro Four Thirds System standard, a system that eliminates the internal mirror structure that defines digital single-lens reflex cameras. With the mirror-less system, the LUMIX G1’s flange back, which is the distance between the mount and the image sensor, has been reduced from 40 mm – as specified in the Four Thirds System – to approximately 20 mm, meaning the LUMIX G1 is compact in size. The LUMIX G1 weighs just 580 grams with its kit lens, the LUMIX G VARIO 14-45mm/F3.5-5.6 ASPH/MEGA O.I.S.

“We are honored by Pop Photo’s selection of the LUMIX G1 as the 2008 Camera of the Year, as Panasonic’s intention was to change the digital photography space,” said David Briganti, National Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company. “Panasonic created a new market with the LUMIX G1, putting “DSLR-like” features into a compact body that would still be powerful enough to take professional-quality photos, but easy enough for beginners to use and ultimately help them to improve their photography skills.”

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G1 has a suggested retail price (SRP) of $799.95 and comes in red, blue and black models. Panasonic also offers the LUMIX G VARIO 45-200mm/F4.0-5.6/MEGA O.I.S. telephoto Micro Four Thirds lens which has a SRP of $349.95. For more information about the LUMIX G1 and its lenses, please visit

Source: Panasonic

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Image of the Day: Chain

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

Title: Chain
You may buy this image under license at Cutcaster.

Rusty chain on an old wooden door.

antique, brown, dark, decoration, design, detail, door, iron, metal, old, rough, steel, structure, surface, texture, textured, weathered, wood, wooden, chain, security, rust, rusty, worn, aged, rustic

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Video from the Fotolia Workshop with Yuri Arcurs, Berlin, Germany

Fotolia photography workshop with worlds most successful photographers at Delight studios Berlin.

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Sigma DP1 compact digital camera to be featured on Living In Style, December 16 through December 23, 2008.

Sigma Corporation of America is pleased to announce that the Sigma DP1 compact digital camera, the compact digital camera capable of making SLR quality images, will be featured on the Living In Style Holiday Gift Show segment. The show will display a number of products to consider as gifts for the holiday season. The DP1 segment will describe some of the features and advantages of the DP1 camera, explaining why it is a desirable camera, and show it in use. The show will air on the ion Media Network, on Wednesday, December 17 at 2:30 PM EST, as well as on the Dish Network (Channel 181) and Direct TV (Channel 305). The show will also appear on various stations from December 16 through December 23, 2008. Please see the included schedule or check your local TV guide, for details. Enjoy the show.

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Endless MediaTM – See What You Think

Masterfile announces Endless MediaTM: the next generation web application that revolutionizes image searching for picture buyers.

Toronto / Düsseldorf (CANDANA, GERMANY), DECEMBER 2008 - Stock photo agency Masterfile Corporation has just launched its revolutionary new user interface, Endless MediaTM, heralding the next generation of online image searching. The project has been under wraps for more than a year with Masterfile’s development team while the company applied for international patents on the unique methodology and its underlying logic.

Endless Media's innovative features deliver new dimensions in image searching for industry professionals. It is simple, fast and efficient - enabling users to streamline their existing workflows. It reduces typing, eliminates “unproductive” mouse clicks and annoying pop-up windows while providing a unique display methodology that makes the site easier to navigate. Users can search deep in the collection without ever getting lost.

John McDonald, Masterfile’s Vice-President of Product Development and the technology’s creator, says “Think of it as visual logic for designers with the extreme speed of a desktop application. It’s a ‘type less and see more’ paradigm where users follow their own visual instincts to direct the search. There is nothing out there with its speed and simplicity… and this is just the beginning.”

Beyond the speed of the application, there are many new features built into it, including:

* An “endless” horizontal image display eliminates the concept of “pages”;
* The site’s unique design logic prevents users from losing their place when they refine their search within results.
* A powerful history feature allows users to review any of the images they’ve previewed a few minutes ago, or even a few months ago.
* An advanced and improved SimSearch® automatically displays visual similars as well as images from the same shoot whenever a user previews (enlarges) an image.

* An innovative ”pairing” feature allows users to use any image to find other visually similar images of a different subject. This feature is ideal for rapidly selecting multiple images for communications media based on a visual theme or design.
* There is support for hundreds of lightboxes and up to 4 active ones to enable users to save images for multiple projects/concepts in one pass.

Says Masterfile President, Steve Pigeon: “A year ago I said we were working on something that would make our competitors weep. This is it. We have taken the search for images to an entirely new level. With Endless MediaTM, you can see what you think.”

Source: CEPIC

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Image of the Day: Balloons

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

Title: Balloons
You may buy this image under license at Cutcaster.

Yellow and black balloons with blue and white sky in the background.

air, ballon, balloon, balloons, baloon, birthday, blue, celebrate, celebration, color, decoration, festive, float, fly, fun, group, happy, helium, occasion, party, play, round, rubber, sky, strings, yellow, black, white, cloudy

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Chicago Bliss Photo Shoot

Get an up close and personal look at the Chicago Bliss lingerie football team at a recent photo shoot.

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a21 is bankrupt

USA, DECEMBER 2008 - In 2000, a21 acquired the picture agency SuperStock – one of the big picture suppliers in the USA. However, a21 miscalculated. The debts were steadily increasing. Within the first nine months of 2008 there was a loss of $ 2.6 Million. The stock-market price of the a21 share shrank from 1 Dollar in 2004 to less than 1 Cent. According to SellingStock a $ 17.9 mio mountain of debt has been accumulated. Masterfile Cananda is now interested in a purchase of SuperStock. The offer is 1.5 Mio.

Source: CEPIC

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Image of the Day: Blue And Gold Macaws

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

Title: Blue And Gold Macaws
You may buy this image under license at Cutcaster.

Colorful blue and gold macaws sitting on a tree.

blue, gold, color, animal, bird, tropical, pet, zoo, parrot, macaw, green, nature, wild, beautiful, colour, feather, coat, wing, jungle, cute, yellow, living, macro, golden, wings, look, wildlife, captive, exotic, rainforest, ara, ararauna, south, america, panama, brazil, bolivia, paraguay, trinidad

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Tech Bytes 12/12/08

Syracuse, NY - Top Stories of the day - Tech Bytes 12/12/08

ABC News: Science & Technology

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Fotolia Workshop with Yuri Arcurs, Berlin, Germany

Microstock photographer Yuri Arcurs in cooperation with Fotolia gave a workshop for ambitious hobby photographers in Berlin, Germany, last week.

The Fotolia Shooting-Workshop: “SPEND A DAY WITH YURI ARCURS. LEARN TO SHOOT WHAT SELLS", which happened last week, was a great success. About 20 members from the Fotolia community joined some of our Fotolia staff and met up with Yuri Arcurs and his team for a day of shooting.
It was a wonderful day of learning the in's and out's directly from a pro!

The official Fotolia Video will be viewable on the Fotolia Blog on December 15th.

Source: Fotolia

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vario focuses on creativity "made in Canada"

vario images represents First Light in Germany

- 11th DECEMEBER 2008 - vario images announces another auspicious partner agency from Canada – First Light. The versatile stock agency based in Toronto produces some of Canada's best visual content, representing 150 top Canadian stock photographers. “The Rights Managed-collection of First Light is an extraordinary good addition to our own visual content. Furthermore, First Light meets our high demands on quality, marketability and originality”, states Susanne Baumgarten president at vario images.

© vario images

"First Light is delighted to be represented in the German marketplace by vario images", says First Light President, Pierre Guevremont. "First Light is a premiere collection of world class creative imagery, and we feel that vario is a perfect match to represent our collection. vario images is a creative force, powered by an enthusiastic team: we know our images will help expand their reach in one of the world's most dynamic markets."

vario images is a well-established German stock agency. Since 1989 the German agency has been producing and distributing editorial images – back then under the name vario press. Since 2006 the owner-managed agency has been trading under the name vario images, mainly because of the creative extension and the consequent enlargement of its image content. The contemporary portfolio is characterized by a variety of image styles and contains creative and editorial imagery just as current News pictures. vario presents surprising eye-catchers with an outstanding and exceptional image language under its sub-label Coverpixx. The wide-ranged image stock implicates Rights Managed-licensing as well as Royalty Free-photography. vario image is a member of the German association of picture libraries and agencies (BVPA).

For more information please check:

Source: CEPIC

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Extended Licenses for Stockxpert content will soon be directly available on Jupiterimages Unlimited

StockXpert announced today in an email to their contributors:

Here's some good news to share with you. Extended Licenses for Stockxpert content will soon be directly available on Jupiterimages Unlimited. As you know, Extended Licenses purchased by customers to use your images, can result in a significant commission boost.

Starting December 17th, image customers will be able to purchase an Extended License for Stockxpert content directly on Jupiterimages Unlimited for $100. Contributors with receive 30% of the Extended License sale. These earnings will appear on your Stockxpert report as 'Jupiterimages pay-per-download.'

Keep in mind, there is a 1-day delay in reporting for all pay-per-download transactions.
For those of you who opted-in to both Subscriptions and Extended License, your images are available on Jupiterimages Unlimited and and you need to do nothing more. If you have not opted-in to both Subscriptions and Extended License, you can opt-in at any time by updating your account settings at

It's just another way to increase your earnings by uploading your images to Stockxpert. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments and thank you for your continued support.

The Stockxpert Team

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Image of the Day: Lion Fountain

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

Title: Lion Fountain
You may buy this image under license at Cutcaster.

Weathered water fountain with a lion theme.

fountain, lion, city, water, landmark, architecture, statue, outside, mouth, spray, head, attraction, exterior, art, culture, spring, sculpture, stone, lions, nozzle

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Microsoft releases open-source content management app

Oxite is targeted at developers who want to learn ASP.Net MVC to build Web applications.

Microsoft has released an early version of an open-source content management platform that developers can use to build sophisticated blogs or large Web sites.

Called Oxite, its creators describe it as a standards-compliant and highly extensible content management platform. They built it not because there is a need for another blog engine, but because they were building the MIX Online site for Web designers and wanted to offer an example of a use for ASP.Net MVC, according to the Oxite Web site.

ASP.Net MVC lets developers use ASP.Net to build Web applications using an architecture called model-view-controller. Microsoft released a preview of the ASP.Net MVC framework, designed to make it easier for developers to test applications, late last year.

Oxite includes a number of important blog functions that can be complex to implement, according to Microsoft. The framework offers many features common in blogs, including pingbacks, trackbacks, and anonymous or authenticated comments with the option to moderate comments, RSS feeds for any page and a Web administration panel.

It's also designed for users to easily add new Web pages and sub-pages.

At first glance Oxite appears to compete with established blogging products including those from Six Apart. However, Microsoft says that Oxite is designed for developers, rather than less-technical Web users wanting to set up a blog.

"Oxite is targeted at developers who want to learn ASP.Net MVC," according to a brief FAQ on the Oxite site. "If the community decides to build this to work well for consumers down the road we won't stop it."

The Oxite Web site calls this a sample, or alpha release. The code was posted on Friday and had been downloaded by 300 people late Monday afternoon. The MIX Online site is the only one listed so far among sites using the Oxite code base.

Source: InfoWorld

You can find also a small video at YouTube.

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Some guidance to help you pass Alamy Quality Control

Alamy put together some guidance on their blog to help pass the Alamy Quality Control

The main bulletins are:

  • Compact cameras do not achieve as good results as DSLRs
  • Read the manual
  • Don’t use a flatbed scanner to scan 35mm film
  • If you’re shooting in JPEG make sure that (ALL) in camera sharpening is turned off
  • Use your camera at as low an ISO as the conditions permit
  • Use a faster shutter speed value than the focal length you are shooting at
  • Check your images at 100% after you have up-sized them for submission to Alamy

To read the full blog post click here.

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Tech Bytes 12/11/08

Syracuse, NY - Top Stories of the day - Tech Bytes 12/11/08

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Significant Advances in Skin Retouching and Portraiture Workflows Add New Levels of Performance and Output for Creative Professionals Companion Editions for Apple Aperture and Adobe Lightroom to Follow Shortly

Imagenomic LLC announced today the release of Portraiture 2, a significant upgrade to its award-winning Portraiture Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop®. This new product edition features an array of advanced controls to further enhance the accuracy and refinement of the skin retouching process, and adds new capabilities for accelerating workflow performance, as well as new techniques for creating striking and fashionable finishing looks. From natural-looking skin smoothening with detailed pore level retention, to high-contrast and glamour effects for professional advertising campaigns, Portraiture 2 is both a powerful productivity and a special effects tool for Photoshop users, and is compatible with the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements® and Creative Suite®, including full support for CS4 32 and 64-bit versions.

Portraiture 2 is designed to provide seamless and time-saving steps for photography workflows, creative studios, and image production environments, with features and functions including:

Automatic Skin Tones Mask generation and “One-click” skin retouching through a new Preset Manager, which includes image thumbnail previews, bracketing controls, custom preset creation and file sharing, user notations, and visual history states;
Advanced Skin Masking controls for selecting, feathering and refining the retouching area, as well as edges and tonal ranges of the selected mask, with real-time previews;
New Enhancement sliders and settings for sharpness, softness, warmth, tint, brightness and contrast control, with the ability to apply these selectively to the mask area only or to the entire image, e.g. for adjusting lighting effects in software;
Non-destructive editing and extended output options, including dynamic retouching settings optimized for the intended print size, automatic generation of a new Photoshop Layer Mask, or creation of a PSD document;
New User Interface selection options, batch processing capabilities, and multi-threaded/multi¬processor support for maximum retouching speed and performance.

Portraiture 2 supports both Mac OSX and Windows XP/Vista operating systems, and is fully compatible with Photoshop Elements 4/5/6/7, and Photoshop CS2/CS3/CS4 (32 and 64-bit versions), as well as Creative Suite Extended.

"We're thrilled to see Imagenomic's award-winning Photoshop plug-ins making a prompt move to the 64-bit Windows platform,” said Bryan O'Neill Hughes, Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop. “Imagenomic has proven to be a great partner and one that shares a passion for providing flexibility, performance, and integration with our emerging architecture."
“Portraiture 2 is the state-of-the-art software for digital skin retouching, and represents the next generation for workflow performance and finishing effects for the photographic, creative, and advertising communities,” said David McDonell, co-founder and CEO of Imagenomic. “We are extremely excited with our product portfolio and the underlying technology it represents for both still and motion imagery. The use of these products with the evolving range of capture, editing and output devices and platforms has myriad and beneficial impacts for working professionals in numerous creative industries, including wedding and portrait photography, creative design, fashion and advertising, cosmeceuticals, high-definition video and film production.”
Imagenomic recently completed a comprehensive public beta test period for Portraiture 2 with over 1000 registered participants, and numerous public demonstrations at industry events including Photokina08 (Cologne, Germany) and PhotoPlus Expo (NYC). In addition to today's release of Portraiture 2 for Adobe Photoshop, a version for Apple® Aperture® is completing its' public beta test phase, and a new version for Adobe Lightroom® will be introduced for public beta testing shortly. Both new versions will be commercially released in the coming weeks.
The response to Imagenomic's latest plug-in product has been overwhelmingly positive, with enthusiastic feedback from across the photographic and retouching communities, including some of the most respected photographers and educators in the industry.
“With the advent of the Portraiture Plug-in, Imagenomic has changed the game for retouching in Photoshop,” says Scott Stulberg, a professional photographer and art instructor at UCLA.” There is no easier or better software available to remove imperfections and smooth out skin. Showing Portraiture 2 in my Photoshop Portrait Retouching classes, the response has been phenomenal. Whether you want precise control or just want to put it on autopilot, your end result will look like you had the best make up artist with you at every shoot.”

"Being successful in wedding photography today demands that you streamline your workflow. Our retouching team loves the new Portraiture 2 plug-in,” explains Andy Marcus, owner of Fred Marcus Studio and Canon Explorer of Light. “We truly believe it is a great product and the best we have seen for smoothing skin textures. We use it daily and my clients love the results.”
"Natural-looking retouching is very important to our Senior work,” explains Tim Schooler, award¬winning Senior and Fashion photographer. The crew at Imagenomic has done it again with the latest version of their fantastic Portraiture plug-in. Faster, better and more features. It saves us so much time, we couldn't imagine being without it."

“Most Plug-ins just make claims – Portraiture really works!” exclaims Katrin Eismann, Photoshop Diva and Chair, Digital Photography Department at the School of Visual Arts, NYC.

McDonell emphasizes that the speed, accuracy, and cost-savings associated with Imagenomic’s complete line of imaging software, including Portraiture 2, will drastically reduce post-production processes and, subsequently, overhead costs.

“Business owners and creative professionals alike need to re-assess their circumstances under these difficult economic conditions,” says McDonell. “Imagenomic's products provide proven, real-world solutions to improve in-house productivity, maximize existing investment in equipment and software, and enhance their versatility and creative output at a very affordable price. The return on investment is tangible and immediate,” McDonell added.

Portraiture 2 for Photoshop is being provided as a Free Upgrade to existing users of the original Portraiture Plug-in. New pricing of $199.95 for Portraiture 2 will go into effect on January 2, 2009. Portraiture 2 can be purchased directly from Imagenomic's website, and is also available for download and use on a 15-day free trial basis.

Source: Imagenomic

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New Widget Lets Photographers and Artists Quickly and Easily Profit from Their Online Images

ExposureManager Launches BuyThisImage!, a free widget that builds revenue for the artist with a nominal transaction fee deducted from each sale.

Torrance, CA December 10, 2008 -- ExposureManager, a full service online sales resource and photo processing lab, announces the launch of BuyThisImage! - a first-of-its-kind free web service that gives users the chance to create online revenue from the original photographs, illustrations and artwork they post to their blogs and websites. Available today at, BuyThisImage! is a simple to install widget that will change the way photographers and artists make their work available to their audience.

BuyThisImage! is compatible with all popular web browsers. Visitors to the poster's website or blog select specific images featuring the BuyThisImage! link and via drop-down check boxes, select to buy high quality photographic prints in sizes ranging from 5x7 inches up to 40x60 inches or as images printed on a number of specialty items such as coffee mugs, mouse pads and T-shirts. Pricing for the images and items for sale are pre-loaded at suggested retail prices but can also be adjusted based on image value as determined by the poster. If desired, products can also be configured for sale at cost.

"This new widget gives even casual web posters the opportunity to earn additional income from the sale of their images and artwork," said Donovan Janus, CEO of ExposureManager. "We realize that not everyone who posts to the web is set up as a business, which is why BuyThisImage! makes sense. We handle all transaction issues and send monthly payments to our subscribers whenever images are sold."

This revolutionary new widget can be incorporated into personal blogs or websites with a few easy steps. To begin, the user just creates a free account on; quickly installs the widget on their site; then selects which images they want to sell. With registration, an account is set up with BuyThisImage!, which is built on the sales platform of ExposureManager. BuyThisImage! handles the entire consumer purchase behind the scenes--from initial ordering to printing, shipping and handling--for a nominal transaction fee that includes credit card processing. Once a person purchases an image, the poster is notified to upload a high resolution file to their BuyThisImage! account for processing. Net proceeds are paid directly to posters by BuyThisImage! on a monthly basis.

For more information on BuyThisImage! - or to view a demo video - visit

Source: PRWeb

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NordicPhotos acquire Spegla Image agency

NordicPhotos that recently launched a new web site have now strengthen their range of Nordic images.

NordicPhotos, Image agency with offices in Stockholm, Reykjavik and Oslo have acquired the Swedish image agency Spegla. Spegla was founded in 2006 by photographer Eva Lindblad and designer Niklas Lindblad and currently consists of 20 represented photographers. Spegla has been described as an Image archive with integrity and personal content from young photographers and artists.

The founder Eva Lindblad depicts the Spegla collection:

"Spegla is a unique collection of Scandinavian images that values character over popularity, and self-made more than ready-made. A collection that stick out rather than fit in. All of the photographers have their own, personal visual expressions."

With the latest acquisition of Spegla agency, NordicPhotos now includes 9 strong Nordic image collections in their versatile range. Prior to this acquisition NordicPhotos collections include Mira, Tiofoto, IMS, Greatshots, Nordic, Siluet och Norwegian GV-Press. Furthermore they represent the Finish agency Gorilla, Samfoto from Norway and the Royalty Free collection Simply North. All of these collections including Spegla can be searched as separate collections on NordicPhotos Website. Besides acquisitions and a new web site NordicPhotos also increased their activities with assignment services through the new started photographer agency, Nordic Photographers.

Source: CEPIC

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Image of the Day: Old Fire Truck

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

Title: Old Fire Truck
You may buy this image under license at Cutcaster.

Close up of an old fire truck.

alarm, antique, brigade, classic, danger, equipment, fire, firetruck, headlight, red, truck, vehicle

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Tech Bytes 12/9/08

Syracuse, NY - Top Stories of the day - Tech Bytes 12/9/08

  • Wal-Mart to carry iPhone
  • ebay's top gadgets
  • flexibel computer display
  • the mouse turns 40

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Olympus Rebrands Stylus SW Cameras To Stylus Tough Series

Company that Defined and Expanded "Tough" Camera Segment Renames Series Accordingly

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., December 9, 2008 – Olympus, the company that introduced shockproof/waterproof digital compact cameras (Stylus 720 SW) in 2006 to mass consumers with active lifestyles, is now redefining the segment it continues to dominate. Starting with its Spring 2009 line-up in January, Olympus’ incredibly rugged cameras built to capture amazing images in aquatic adventures, harsh climates and everyday activities with kids will be rebranded "Stylus Tough."

"Consumers' passion and excitement for our tough cameras has continued to grow throughout the last three years, and they love the freedom of being able to capture beautiful images where other cameras wouldn’t dare to venture," said Mark Huggins, executive director, Brand Marketing, Olympus Imaging America Inc. "Once our innovations moved beyond purely shockproof and waterproof – some Olympus cameras offer freezeproof and crushproof – the SW name became limiting. The Stylus Tough brand will be more descriptive and visual, and will provide us with greater flexibility as we grow this and other camera lines."

The current line-up of Stylus SW cameras offers different levels of durability, providing consumers with options that best meet their needs. Cameras that are shockproof and waterproof are perfect for those who want worryproof, kidproof or lifeproof shooting. Building on these original tough features, other cameras also offer freezeproof and crushproof capabilities for those who seek adventure from the highest slopes to the most tropical depths and want to take their cameras anywhere to capture brilliant images.

The new Stylus Tough brand will enable the company to expand the line-up beyond these current tough benefits, and will be even easier for consumers to quickly understand the cameras’ unique benefits. If it is not waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof, then by Olympus standards, it is not "Tough." It also allows the company to offer one or more of these unique features in other Olympus camera lines. According to a recent study, many consumers looking for a new digital camera chose durable, weatherproofing as a feature they desire.

Olympus continues to be an innovator, developing new technologies to expand the frontiers of digital photography and leading where others have followed. Proof that Olympus enables consumers to capture it all. Specific details on the current Stylus SW cameras are available at The new Stylus Tough cameras will be introduced in early January 2009.

Source: Olympus

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Tech Bytes 12/8/08

Syracuse, NY - Top Stories of the day - Tech Bytes 12/8/08

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Image of the Day: California Poppy

Image by Henrik Lehnerer

Title: California Poppy
You may buy this image under license at Cutcaster.

Beautiful native orange California Poppy with a light background.

bloom, blooming, blossom, botanical, botany, California poppy, color, colour, flower, nature, orange, outside, poppy, wildflower

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onOne Software Announces Availability of Genuine Fractals 6

The Industry Standard for Resizing Images to Any Size Adds Several New Features and Includes Support for Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 and Apple Aperture 2.1

PORTLAND, Ore. -- onOne Software, Inc., a leading developer of innovative software tools for photographers, today announced the immediate availability of Genuine Fractals 6 Professional Edition and Genuine Fractals 6 Standard Edition. Powered by patented resizing technology, Genuine Fractals can resize digital images over 1000% with no loss in sharpness or detail. Genuine Fractals 6 adds new features designed to help photographers get the best enlargements possible, including a new gallery wrap function, batch processing, tiling for smaller printers, and support for Adobe® Photoshop® CS4, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® 2 and Apple Aperture 2.1.

Genuine Fractals 6 Professional Edition is also available as part of Plug-In Suite 4.2, the latest version of onOne Software’s integrated suite of six Photoshop plug-ins. Plug-In Suite 4.2 is immediately available, and registered users of Plug-In Suite 4 will receive this update as a free download.

“We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Genuine Fractals 6,” said Craig Keudell, president of onOne Software. “Genuine Fractals has been the go-to application of professional photographers for high-quality image resizing for over a decade, and version 6 offers them exciting new features within the applications they use on a daily basis.”

Availability and Pricing

Genuine Fractals 6 comes in two editions, a Professional Edition and a Standard Edition, which are available for $299.95 and $159.95, respectively. Upgrades from previous versions of Genuine Fractals are available starting at $99.95. Registered users of Plug-In Suite 4 will receive Genuine Fractals 6 Professional Edition for free as part of the Plug-in Suite 4.2 upgrade. For more information about upgrading any onOne Software product to Plug-In Suite 4, please visit

Genuine Fractals 6 may be ordered immediately from onOne Software at, and full versions of the product are available through a worldwide network of authorized resellers. For a complete list of authorized resellers, please visit

Source: Business Wire

Free Standard Shipping at Kodak Gallery!

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Dreamstime Expands to Welcome Russian Market

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- is pleased to announce it will present its gallery of photos to a brand new, international buying public. In partnership with, Dreamstime will extend its global reach to offer the best-valued stock photography that money can buy to customers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and surrounding areas.

Dreamstime has aligned itself with Phototimes (located in Rostov-on-Don, Russia) to effectively cater to the Russian market and expand photo shopping options among Russian Internet users. A custom-tailored site and exclusive Dreamstime distribution outlet, and in keeping with Dreamstime’s business model, Phototimes was designed to offer premium, top-of-the-line, quality images and customer service within a comprehensive Russian language environment.

“Although we currently offer our service in many other countries and in many different languages, we make it our first priority to consider with care the regulations and variables that distinguish one from the other,” Serban Enache, CEO and co-creator of Dreamstime said. “The Phototimes team of designers have an already-established history of success, both from a technological and communicational aspect, with the market. This will enable Dreamstime to successfully reach more customers in this powerful and growing market, while delivering the right images to the Russian photo-buying public.”

Created with the sole purpose of representing Dreamstime imagery (making images available for purchase only), Phototimes will become the first micro stock photo outlet in Russia. (PhotoTimes/

The primary buying sources of micro stock in Russia are the publishing houses (primarily catering to magazines and newspapers). Dreamtime’s catalog of images will satisfy with ease the current demands of these publishing houses while effectively making images available to a new group of photo buyers including individuals, advertising agencies, the media and web designers. (In Russia alone, there are 78,000,000 companies with representative web sites.)

“Dreamstime is simple and logical and purchasing Dreamstime images will be made easy for our customers,” said Tamara Kvikviniya, who overseas Phototimes’ foreign economic and trade relations. “We intend to follow that very same model to provide a good service that makes good sense.”

Serving the world over, has a customer base of 1 Million-plus users and offers more than 4 million images in nine different languages (including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German and Portuguese), making this platinum-selling agency one of the top-rated in the industry. The Dreamstime library of images features an unlimited assortment of model released lifestyle images in the business and family genres as well as a vast collection of travel, nature, sports, industry and health, and wellness photographs in addition to distinctive imagery [sketches, graphic art and backgrounds] in high quality reprint formats from over 50,000 contributors.

Source: Business Wire

50% Off Framed Art!

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Crestock: Introducing the New and Revamped Crestock Forum

[11/18/2008] The new and improved Crestock Forum is finaly live, with some nice surprises!
Written by: Josh Hodge

After many delays in development, we're pleased to finally be rolling out the new Crestock forum.

Have a browse around and enjoy some of the new sections we're building up:

* Crestock Panel of Pro's: We're very pleased to be have some 'microstock superstars' on-board in the forum, ready to answer questions and stimulate interesting discussions. Yuri Arcurs, Lee Torrens, Ron Sumners, Tyler Olsen, and Lev Dolgachov are here to discuss with you, argue with you and dispense great microstock wisdom!
* Microstock 101 - Here we're looking to build up a resource of knowledge related to microstock, especially the business and logistical aspects of distributing your portfolio.
* Crestock Design - We've received a lot of requests from designers and buyers about accomodating them with their own category in the new forum. Photographers, this is an interesting opportunity to get to know your target market a bit better.
* Crestock Café - Come in and solve the world's problems over a cup of steaming coffee. This is a place where relevance isn't a requirement. Discuss topics ina relaxed way with your peers.
* We'll be implementing and improving these sections, as well as adding some exciting new ones in the future.

Keep an eye out as we release new features and interesting discussion right here on the Crestock forum.

Finally we've spent a lot of time making sure this forum is as bug free as possible before launch. However, should you encounter any bugs, please report them to, and we'll do our best to fix them.

Source: Crestock

Check out our “Freebie Items for All”

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